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2009-04-29 09:32 pm

Talky Posting/Secret Post

I was going to make a funny post of crazy tech support stories, but I can feel my monthly emotional "what am I doing with my life???" breakdown coming up soon. I teared up in the car for a second for some reason, and I don't even recall what it was.

Actually taking calls at the new job? Is pretty awesome. I mean, I occasionally beat my head on my desk of how little some people understand computers, but most of them are very pleasant as long as you're friendly and understanding. I actually spend a lot of time laughing at my desk, and my mentor says I'm doing really well. 90% of my evaluations from him are perfect scores.

Plus, I made him my friend! We obviously got along pretty well anyway, but then the other day he was telling me about how excited he is that Barry Allen was coming back as The Flash and I was like "Oh, yeah. He just went into the timestream, right?"

Hearts. In his eyes.

So now he's added me on Gtalk and chats with me after work. If only he was my age and cute.

Other stuff!

A couple weeks ago I put a "keyboardist seeking band" ad on Craigslist. Why the hell not? I got a lot of responses but actually went to meet one guy. I don't see us lasting a real long time, because we're not totally compatible, but he's nice and it'll get me practicing more and actually performing at open mics.

We met last night to discuss songs we want to do, and we settled on a few things. At least one is a Hush Sound song. :D And! The Postal Service. He mentioned them at our first meeting, so I asked if he might want to do "Nothing Better" and he was like !!! yes!

Plus I got a nice confidence boost. I wanted him to hear me sing before we committed to anything. Some of you remember that I've been pretty nervous about my singing before. No one ever told me to stfu, but they never said I was GOOD either, so I was worried that I secretly sucked.

Well, he couldn't play anything I knew in the key I needed, so I took a swig of beer, stood and looked him in the eye, and sang "He's A Tramp" from Lady and the Tramp.

He thought it was awesome. I feel super good about that now. :D For the first time since I was 10, seriously, I feel like I can sing at least decently.

Rufus is falling asleep on my keyboard, so I'm going to cut this post short, but it's also a ~Secret Post~

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2009-02-24 01:02 pm


I have to go to work soon.

tbh, not a whole lot is going on. Yesterday Catherine had a bunch of clothes laying out that she no longer wanted and she let me dig through them. I got a few things that are quite cute and designer (Buffalo by David Bitton) so that's exciting.

Took Rufus to a local pet supply store a little while ago. The last time I switched his food it just did NOT agree with him, so I'd been looking for something new. Found a premium food at the store that I'm pretty pleased with and didn't break the bank so I could grab him a new toy on top of it.

I am tired. :( And pretty much just waitin' it out for it to be Ludo tiems and hoping I get a second job.