katya: (Default)
Katie ([personal profile] katya) wrote2009-02-24 01:02 pm


I have to go to work soon.

tbh, not a whole lot is going on. Yesterday Catherine had a bunch of clothes laying out that she no longer wanted and she let me dig through them. I got a few things that are quite cute and designer (Buffalo by David Bitton) so that's exciting.

Took Rufus to a local pet supply store a little while ago. The last time I switched his food it just did NOT agree with him, so I'd been looking for something new. Found a premium food at the store that I'm pretty pleased with and didn't break the bank so I could grab him a new toy on top of it.

I am tired. :( And pretty much just waitin' it out for it to be Ludo tiems and hoping I get a second job.

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